“We love the masks and, bragging about them while out biking with the kids, one of our neighbors wanted your contact information.” —Hanne Hoffman, Ph.D.
What are our customers saying?
“Thank you so much for these masks! They are amazingly well made and fit the kids perfectly, which has been so hard to find! Wow. I cannot thank you enough. I appreciate this more than you know.” —Stacy, East Lansing
“Thank you for the masks! They are super cute - weird that I’m looking forward to wearing it!” —Peggy Petroff, Ph.D.
Mask Reviews
“My neighbor Hanne told me you made her masks for her family. They fit so well and the kids tolerate them. Would you be open to making them for my family?” —Stacy, East Lansing
“Thank you for the beautiful masks! We love them and I am newly impressed by the scale and professionalism of your operation!” —Laura Chomiuk, Ph.D.
“So comfortable and well designed, this mask must have been made by a scientist.” —Diana Laird, Ph.D.